Non greasy, soaks in the skin and hair perfectly

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I have heard about argan oil but I didn’t know there were so many benefits about it. I remember buying a small bottle from another brand some time ago and wasn’t too impressed. It was in spray form and had a ton of other ingredients in it. However, Art Naturals argan oil is the real deal. It is a slight nutty smell and also comes with a handy dropper that screws in the bottle.

The label describes the many uses of argan oil i.e. for the hair, chapped lips and as an after shower moisturizer.

I forgot about the dropper when I was washing my hair, deciding to forgo my usual conditioner and just put a small tablespoon of argan oil on my hair. Maybe I should have used more, nevertheless my hair looks nice and shiny now. In addition after the shower, I put some on my legs which have some dryness issues. The oil is is non greasy and soaks in well, especially on the dry patches. Also put some on my lips, feels moisturized so far, hopefully not drying like Chapstick. . I will definitely use this on my feet before I go to sleep.

My boyfriend has never heard of argan oil. I managed to persuade him to put some on his hair, so far it is soft and shiny.

I received this product at a substantial discount and this is my honest and unbiased review. If you find this review helpful, please click YES underneath – it would really make my day.

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